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Welcome to Wisoft
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  Your System Development Resources  

  The cost of computer system development and maintenance within the company always raise from time to time. Therefore, outsource the system development and maintenance would reduce the cost and increase the efficiency, and we Wisoft, are specialize in this field.    
  Tailor Made Your Ideal Business System    
  Have you encountered the computer system you are using or looking for, are not fit to your requirement? If yes, then you are in the right place to find out we are here to provide you the ideal system which could meet all your business requirements. Without a doubt, it's because you request what, we can do what! In other words, our available products are able to customize base on your business requirements, we are also willing to develop a product that only meet your business process. We understand every business have their own business process and flow. There are no surprise if you could not find a ready made system in the current market which could meet all your business requirements. Thus, tailor made your business system will be the best way to make your business more effective and efficient.    

  Specialize In Web-Base System Application  
    For over the past 7 years, we are specialize in web-base system development in various kind of business sector. During these years, we have successfully developed a complete Manufacturing Business System, Accounting System, Workflow Approval System, Online Shop System, Web Design, and other specific customized solutions. All mentioned products and solutions are developed using ASP.Net with 3 tier architecture, and workstation just need Internet Explorer to access the system which consider running as thin client.  
    3 Es Concept, Efficient, Economical, Effortless  
    Efficient in system, Economical in system cost, and Effortless in using the system, are our aim to keep your cost as low as possible, and making your profit as high as possible.